About Douglas MacIntyre

Douglas MacIntyre is a therapist and consultant and the originator of Well-Being Therapy. Douglas has been offering workshops, trainings, therapeutic services, counseling services, and consulting since 1981 and founded Well-Being Therapy in 1989.  Douglas brings deep compassion and a commitment to integrity to this work. He facilitates using a combination of experience and intuition to create an environment of safety and mutual respect.
Well-Being Therapy is a client centered, non-directive, intuitively led path to physical, mental, and emotional health. Defining healing as a continuing movement toward self-acceptance, harmony and compassion; Well-Being Therapy’s goal is to assist each client to use his/her innate understanding and wisdom to move towards health, and away from illness, on all levels.
Clients are assisted using a variety of tools including transference of communication and life skills, changes to attitude, outlook or thought patterns, emotional release work, guided imagery, breath work, creative therapies, table work, reframing, affirmation, intuitive development, family of origin work, cognitive therapies and heart centered listening. Diet and lifestyle changes may also be considered.
Well- Being Therapy is a spiritual, not a religious, process and it does not diagnose or treat illness. It focuses instead on creating the conditions that support health and allow symptoms to fall away naturally. The goal of Well-Being Therapy is to remove the need for the therapist as the client learns to find and follow his/her intuition and self-knowledge in order to live true to individual conscience.
Direction of the work is always at the discretion of the client.
Session lengths are variable to suit client needs and request.

Click here for an audio introduction to Well-Being Therapy from Douglas MacIntyre