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Business Services:

Well-Being Therapy offers a wide range of consulting services to business. In over 15 years of working with business to improve efficiency, communication,  co-operation, processes, and systems, we have served numerous business clients, specializing in reducing the personality conflicts and resistance patterns which can bog a business down and in creating programs which improve work flow.

Consulting Services
Well-Being Therapy offers a full range of services to help businesses develop better skills for getting the job done efficiently and effectively. We  work with you tailor our service to address the specific problem(s) of each situation.  Our services are individually designed to meet the goals you establish. We  work with you to identify all the factors generating the difficulty and design a package to create the change(s) you desire and reach the goals you set. 

Well-Being Therapy also offers assistance in improving the productivity of a workgroup that is performing well. We can help your group become more efficient, more motivated, more positive, and can assist your group to clarify mission, intention, vision, or to develop better problem solving techniques. These skill improvement services will also be tailored to the ability and experience of your team and tailored to fit the culture of your company. 

Benefits :
Depending on the services selected, you can expect:

  • Resolution of the selected problems
  • Increased communication, co-operation and teamwork
  • An end to negative cycles and patterns in work flow
  • Decreased  interpersonal friction, increased teamwork
  • An increased skill set for selected employees`
  • Clarity regarding responsibility and expected outcomes
  • Increased motivation to reach stated goals
  • Clarity regarding changes needed to maintain improvements

Services Include:
Partner/Principal mediation
Management Coaching
Problem Assessment Services
Growth and Marketing Planning
Manager/Employee mediation
Mission and Vision Services
Meeting Facilitation
Group Process Analysis
Troubled Employee Coaching

Business Workshops and Trainings
Meeting Facilitation Training
Communication Training
Creativity Training
Intention Training
Time/Date Specific Training
Stress Reduction Trainings
Motivation Workshops
Employee Feedback Services
Customer Service Training

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