Full Life Executive Coaching Services

Successful executives understand the business world but can sometimes struggle in their personal lives. Executives who have control at work may not fare well at home or socially where they are not in a leadership role. Executives can also have difficulty with the transition from work to leisure, especially to retirement.

Full Life Executive Coaching (FLEC) services help successful executives learn work-life balance, skills for dealing with family and social settings and also guide the development of enriching life interests outside of work. FLEC also offers opportunities to create a “Full Life” retirement plan which includes the activities and interests that are closest to the core values and personality of the individual.

FLEC guides clients to create a “life worth living” outside of, and after, their career.

Benefits of FLEC

  • Increased ability to find fulfillment outside of work
  • Clarity regarding individual life purpose
  • Feeling “on mission” in your personal life
  • Decreased stress
  • Increased ability to be at ease in all life settings
  • An increased sense of closeness to others
  • A clear plan for transition from a full work life to a fulfilling life outside of work
  • More fun!


One-on-one Couching Sessions

Small Group Trainings.