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Family Services

Well-Being Therapy offers services to families which increase closeness, communication,  cooperation, harmony and understanding. WBT family sessions allow all family members to bring their needs to the conversation and create win/win solutions for  everyone involved. WBT sessions reduce blame, fault finding indirectness and battles for control while increasing harmony and the ability to work together towards shared goals. WBT teaches families how to pull together when facing stress. WBT also offers opportunities for a family member with problems to work on those problems as a part of supportive whole.

Expected Benefits from family work at WBT

  • Reduced tension, stress and frustration between family members
  • Better communication and problem solving skills
  • Increased clarity about the source and resolution of recurring issues
  • Increased closeness
  • Increased understanding and teamwork
  • Decreased “acting out” behavior in the family
  • Increasing harmony in the home

Services Available:
Family Sessions
Parenting Support
Communication Sessions
Problem Resolution Sessions
Parent/Child Communication
Adolescent Support       
Intervention Support
Small Group Sessions

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